'70's 49th? Around the corner! 50th....

THURSDAY, May 30 - SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019

50th? May 28 - 31, 2020


She Roars!


To all members of...


The Great Class of 1970!


Members of the Great Class of 1970!

As most of you no doubt know,  yesterday Princeton completed its first perfect, undefeated (10-0) football season in 54 years with a resounding 42-14 victory over Penn,  to win the Ivy League Title for 2018.  Monumental joy!   A bonfire is planned for this evening on Canon Green.  

This brings us quite naturally to the subject of class dues:    a reminder to those of you who have not done so, to send in your class dues or pay them on-line  as soon as possible.     You really don't want to head into the Thanksgiving holiday with the crushing guilt of not having paid your class dues.

The class treasury is still leaner than we would like.  We need to do better.

The amount of dues is modest:   $50. for a regular payment,  $200. to join the Big Bug Club and receive an optional Big Bug Hug.

Checks should be made payable to “Princeton Class of 1970” and sent to  class treasurer Bob Ridolfi, Twin Hunt  Farm, 26 Harbourton-Woodsville Rd, Pennington,  NJ  08534.   You can also pay your dues directly by clicking on the Annual Giving & Dues menu button above, or transfer funds through a donor advised fund. Class dues payments are tax deductible, tax ID 22-2575679. The money stays within our class and is used exclusively for the benefit of our class.   





1970 Women Roar!

She Roars Alumni Conference


The cover of 11/7 PAW featured the magnificent She Roars Alumni Conference. The cover? She Roared. In Susan Scott's words... 


Among other high achievers were our own Anne Marie Slaughter ‘83, I think, and Amy Cuddy of “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are” a Superb, funny, touching TED Talk from 2012 which I’d recommend for all our classmates. And our women’s  basketball coach, Courtney something...see, I forget and am too lazy to look it up.....gave a hilarious and apt talk about teaching leadership, perseverance and grace under pressure, all extremely useful life skills, right?


I found it wonderful to discover how recent worries about forgetfulness and aging disappeared in those beautiful and familiar surroundings. There has been a great deal of new construction, but the core of the campus- Nassau Hall, Whig-Clio , Blair Arch and so much else is unchanged. 

Most impressive was how happy all the women seemed. Of course they are an incredibly select and, yes, privileged group, but their demeanor was civil, respectful, vibrant, and full of anticipation and optimism. Fear not classmates, the nation is safe.


The weekend was well planned and organized- a massive job done with care and great attention to detail. These women- the planners- are powerhouses and formidable but also gracious and welcoming.  Confidence has I think always been an issue for women but I could clearly see that we are making progress. 



Going Back!

‘70 IS THE NEW 48

48th Reunion: May 31, 2018


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