'70s 48th? Around the corner. 50th, hmmm.

THURSDAY, May 31 - SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2018

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Members of the Great Class of 1970!


As you recline in your beach chairs, or sip cocktails on your yachts, or conjure reasons for delaying home repairs, we want you to know that the business of the class goes on – even in the sultry days of August.

For those of you who were able to attend our 47th reunion, it was great to see you and spend some time in good weather. We want to extend our thanks and congratulations one last time to those who worked under the direction of Reunion chair Bruce Millman and Reunion finance chair Mike Camp, to make our 47th a truly enjoyable event. For an off-year, we had a very good group. More than 40 classmates and guests attended the splendid dinner atCap & Gown that Mike Camp generously hosted, as he has done for many years.


We also wish to congratulate and thank our own Gen. Drew Davis for his continued success with Annual Giving, as we reached 50.8% participation overall and a total of about $321,200 in an off-year, thereby exceeding our dollar goal of $315,000 for the year and considerably exceeding last year's total. Well done! Big plans are in the works to set a new AG record for our 50th.We will have our work cut out for us, as the Class of 1967 raised a record $11.6 million for their 50th.That's a very fine record - and one that we want to see broken.

The purpose of this early communication is simply to alert you to a number of dates and events that you will want to note on your calendars, as the new academic year gets underway next month. We will send a more detailed missive, containing a formal request for class dues and a real envelope (at no extra charge) to pay them, in September.

Notable Upcoming Events

Sunday, Sept. 10 Annual Pre-Rade to welcome the Class of 2021.Alumni are welcome to join in the festivities, including a picnic and step sing. For more information, and to RSVP for the picnic, see:


Last year for the first time, the class of 1970 was a “grandparent class” for the incoming class of 2020. About 18 members of '70 participated (a record, we believe, for a grandparent class) and the women of '70 drew a big cheer as three of our own hoisted the "first women" banner while we marched from FitzRandolph Gate.

Fall Athletic Events

Friday, Oct. 20(Yes, Friday) Football vs. Harvard at Cambridge (Tiger alumni tailgate with the Princeton Association of New England. Further information will be sent later, including registration details)

Saturday, Nov. 11 Football vs. Yale at Princeton (Information re: Tiger tailgate will be sent later.)

Class of 1970 Mid-Winter Dinner

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 (Nassau Club in Princeton - cost and name of the exciting speaker to be announced) which will open Alumni Weekend on campus, including the deeply moving Service of Remembrance on Saturday, Feb. 24. Last year we had a great turn-out of approximately 40 classmates and guests to hear Prof. of Neuroscience Sam Wang. It is always a warm and memorable event.


Our 48th Reunion will convene Thursday/Sunday May 31-June 3, 2018. A slideshow from 2017 Reunions can be found at http://alumni.princeton.edu/goinback/reunions/2017/slideshow/.

Your class officers warmly invite you to join us at as many of the planned activities as you can attend. For those who may not have heard, or who have blocked it out, we are: Co-Presidents George Bustin and Mickey Pohl, Class Notes Secretary Rich Trenner, Treasurer/Paymaster Bob Ridolfi and Class Memorialist Gregg Lange. We are fortunate that most if not all other class committee chairs for life continue their good work on behalf of us all, including our critical Reunions and AG teams and class associates co-chairs Ed and Debbie Gwazda. We have a new Class of '70 Webmaster this year. Charlie Wood has graciously volunteered to help us bring our website up to its full potential as we ramp up toward our 50th. More on that in future missives, as Charlie develops his plans.

Essential projects are already underway in preparation for our 50th Reunion May 27-31, 2020. Bruce Millman, Mike Camp and their team are working on concepts and logistics for the Big Event itself. Robert Cullinane, Jack Wilmer, Richard Trenner, and George Bustin have been laying the groundwork for a 50th Reunion Book. With essays, photographs and other content, our 50th RB will chronicle the history and times of our class in a way that is worthy of the milestone and a permanent place in the Seely Mudd Library. Mae Wong Miller and Susan Scott Craig have begun planning for the special participation of the Women of '70, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of co-education at Princeton together with our own 50th reunion. All these efforts (and more, still in the laboratory stage) will require further input and help. An informal 2020 Committee has been formed. Membership is very much open. If you want to get involved in any of these activities - and we hope you do - contact any of the officers or any of the other classmates mentioned in this paragraph. You will be warmly welcomed! Planning for our 50th is fun and will keep you younger, we promise.

We wish you an enjoyable remainder of the summer. Put aside a little cash for the class dues solicitation that will be coming your way next month, along with more information about events and activities. And don’t forget to read Gregg Lange’s always pithy and informative “Rally Round the Cannon” each month in PAW on-line.

As President Emeritus-for-Life Bill Neidig has often said, we want you to stay in touch, we want you to participate, no, it is not all about money, and we are a nice group of people growing closer as we grow wiser.

George L. Bustin          Mickey Pohl

‘70 IS THE NEW 48

48th Reunion: June 1-3, 2018

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