A Special Thanks to...

...the 321 '70 classmates who contributed  $325,959 (up from last year)With 689 members of the class, that's a 46.6% participation rate 

(down a bit from last year.) Our challenge is that we have 214 classmates who have not contributed to Annual Giving in the last 5 or more years. By comparison, we're far more generous than our "bookend classes:


1969: $247,859 raised from 408 donors (class roll 709, 57.5%)

1970: $325,959 raised from 321 donors (class roll 689, 46.6%)

1971: $189,121 raised from 336 donors (class roll 759, 44.3%)


Next year is our last warm-up for our big 50th AG campaign. Of all Princeton classes in history, ’70 is in fifth place in cumulative AG dollars since graduation with $30,452,647. The four ahead of us are ’63 with $45,198,881; ’58 with $36,007,101; ’67 with $34,014,163; and ’52 with $33,593154. They've all celebrated t

heir 50th, so we're still well in hunt for the top spot by June 2020. We have set a major Reunion record at each major other than our 10th. The 50th record (by a wide margin) is ‘67’s $11,006,767.  When we break that record in 2019-20, we'll be the most generous class ever. (We raised $5.1 million for our 45th. Statistically, the multiplier between the 45th and 50th is 2.2 X. With our AG leadership team of Paul Haaga, Jim Morris and Peter Kopff (and historic guidance from Bill Neidig, Kirk Unruh and Jack Wilmer), that multiplier puts us at $11.2 million, continuing our record string. 


More good news for AG is the assignment of our very own pro, Rand Mirante, as our Princeton Development staff liaison for next year and the 50th.  We're using the next year as a trial run for the big 50th campaign, so look for new technology in our communications with the class, an expanded volunteer network and a real effort to bring those 214 classmates back into the giving fold. To all who gave in 2017-18, again, thanks and Rah, Tiger!


Thank you again,


Drew Davis