48th Reunion Was Then!  49th Begins May 30, 2019! 

Rain, rain, didn't go away!


Yup, all you guys and girls who shied away from Reunions this year, stop gloating. For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, the Glorious P-rade was first postponed, then cancelled due to very inclement weather. Lightening strikes were reported within one mile of the campus. What a scene it was - some 25,000 people trying to squeeze into buildings on a campus struggling to accommodate 6,000 students. Brings new meaning to survival of the fittest fastest! Weather apps were forecasting trace amounts of rain - maybe 4/100ths inches per hour. Wrong. Buckets wouldn't come close to describing the lengthy downpour with smashing thunder. Rumor has it that Gwazda called in the thunder and lightning since "his" classmates were unwilling to "Be the Pede." Just a rumor.


What you missed and might expect for our 49th:


Thursday night:
Cocktail Hour and Dinner, Cap & Gown Club, courtesy of Mike Camp, Wino (oops, vino) by John Loose, and entertainment by the Tigerlilies, courtesy of Hal Werner. Wow, it was a grand event, highlighted by our own Critter (her word, not mine) Susan Craig Scott reminding the Tigerlilies that 1970, not 1971, was the first class to graduate women! It was simply a magnificent moment seeing one of the first nine(?) Princeton Women enlightening women of the Classes of 2018 - 2021 about the challenges she faced 50(?) years ago. Please don't miss the next one on Thursday, May 30, 2019!


Friday June 1
Birdwalk at Rogers Wildlife Refuge and Institute for Advanced Study Woods, 8 am; courtesy of Mike Camp
Joint Satellite Class Barbecue, Classes of 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971, and possibly 1974 and/or 1975, Hamilton Courtyard (off Holder) from 6 to 8 pm. Beer, wine, soft drinks and limited hard liquor and mixers were available.


For the past several off-years, we have had this joint event with other "non-major" reunion classes, and it just keeps growing.  Possibly six classes this year! You can access Hamilton Courtyard by walking straight through Holder Courtyard to the smaller courtyard adjacent to Holder. Just remember how you used to go to Commons in freshman and sophomore years and you can't miss it. It promises to be an opportunity to get together not only with our own Classmates, but also with club mates, team mates, dorm mates and those you otherwise knew from several surrounding classes.  


Saturday, June 3
The One and Only P-Rade:  Saturday at 2 pm we gather at Nassau Hall for The One and Only P-Rade, featuring the One and Only '70-Pede, and the most horrific, P-Rade cancelling thunderstorm ever.

Class of 1970 Memorial Chapel Organ Recital, in memory of John J.F. Sherrerd '52 h70, Ernest Gordon h70, Robert F. Goheen '40 h70, and William Scheide '36 h70. University Chapel

More Information:  Please note that, except for Thursday's dinner and Friday's barbecue, we were on our own for meals.